To the bottle of window cleaner sitting in the corner of my room

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I’m sorry. I really am.

I built our relationship on the unstable foundations of promise and purpose, telling you every day that you were going to be put to work. I had dreams that you would eradicate the dirt and fingerprints that blur the panes of my windows, but alas, 20 days have passed and you have not moved from your own little corner.

I am guilty of including you in my planner, carefully scratching down the words “clean windows” with my smooth, dark black gel pen, only to put off that bullet point in lieu of making pointless Tik Toks in my room. I am wrong to instill in you a purpose that you are waiting every day to act on. I led you on, but never admitted that you were not a priority to me. It was easy to overlook you when you were there everyday. I chose the activities that brought me greater excitement, had a sense of new to them that I could indulge in.

There may come a day where I will return you to your dark spot under the bathroom sink without utilizing you because I am simply too lazy to go downstairs and grab paper towels from the kitchen. And when I do go in the kitchen, what does it say about our relationship when I forget to bring back the one thing that complements you and fulfills your purpose?

I will let you sit there for a few more days, accumulating more specks of dust. Maybe circumstances will change and my mentality will focus in on you. I thank you for waiting for me for so long, so patiently. Your service is appreciated.

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