The Art of the Blog. A Manifesto.

Updated: Sep 16

Blogging is an art.

Discourse? Yes.

Words? No.

Appreciate the beauty of the space that the HTML and CSS canvas grants you and the freedom to express your travels, journeys, ideas, thoughts in any unconstrained form.

THE BLOG challenges the bounds of other platforms that force you into word count limitations or give you no freedom as to how your ideas will be expressed (I’m looking at you, Facebook).

Use the stroke of your fingers to paint the code of your website across the flat keyboard.

The space!! The beauty of the blank line! Allow your readers to be in conversation with you as they peruse your thoughts. It’s not up to you to control those thoughts… They can get what they take but you’re already giving them all you have.

Allow your late night thoughts to carry you over to your computer, open a new webpage, start a new post, and lose yourself in writing about the meaning of life with certain uncertainty.

Speak in your voice. Let your tone shine through as informally as possible so that the readers don’t believe you are in a separate world with them. Be sitting right next to your reader as they scan your words.

Let the blog initiate free conversation among the masses to generate widespread appreciation of information accessibility.

The blog is an art.

An art you say?

An art.


Because it’s your ideas and you choose how they are shared with the world.



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