College Update #2

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hi there.

It is currently 1:05AM and I’m studying for my psychology exam that’s on Friday.

I’m blessed to have an amazing center right across from my dorm building that is open until 2AM and serves food that you can purchase with your meal plan dollars. It’s surprisingly a nice place to work at and I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

My study preferences state that I have to be by myself to study efficiently, and that means FAR AWAY FROM PEOPLE. If I’m with people in close proximity, I’m not going to get any studying done.

I’m guilty of being behind on my notes for Psych, but part of feels like I don’t need to be doing this much work to prepare for the test and that I should just spend time reviewing what notes I have from lecture and skim the book instead of taking detailed notes. It’s literally week three of psychology and I’ve already used up half of my notebook.

To be completely fair, this exam is crowding so much information into one test. Let me list a few items.

Departments of Psychology

Structure of the Brain

How the visual system works

How the olfactory system works

How the auditory system works

How the somatosensory system works

How to conduct an experiment

The science behind action potentials in the nerves

Structure of the nervous system


I am cramming everything in my brain in these next 48 hours!!! I didn’t realize college would be this rough. Thankfully, I have other students in my class who were so generous to share their study tools with me and we’ve been having study group meetings.

My sleep schedule has been thrown completely out, though. Getting back late from rehearsals and having to do psych studying on top of a bunch of other reading I have has made going to bed impossible before 2AM. I told myself earlier tonight that I was going to pull an all-nighter tonight which I have never done before for school purposes. However, after speaking to a senior here and having him talk some sense into me, I’m aiming for 3AM to sleep and I’ll get up at 9:30AM tomorrow.

The funny thing is that I’ve been getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night but I still feel so exhausted. Maybe it’s the freshman plague going around and I caught it? It might also be because my day is packed from hour to hour with no room to breathe in between.

This post was my brief break from studying, but I should go back to taking more notes now.


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