7/8/20 - Class Chaos

Wednesday's this summer aren't ideal for traveling, meaning that I have classes all afternoon that extend into evening. That morning, however, we revisited the Seaside beach and recreated the picture of me and my name. This time, though, we carved my sister's name into the sand as well. It was fun to draw on the beach, but because of the time pressure, we couldn't spend too long playing around.

We stopped at Cannon Beach and enjoyed the massive rock that protruded out of the water. It was quite the iconic scene that I've seen in stock images, which makes me kind of sad because it wasn't as much of a spectacle anymore. There were a lot of people at the beach, to my surprise, but I guess I shouldn't be super shocked either because we were also visiting as tourists. Thankfully, many were wearing masks and keeping distance from each other. A few people rode their bikes along the beach which is something I would love to do if I ever come back to Cannon Beach.

By then, it was almost 1:45PM and my class started at 2:30PM. We zoomed out of the town and tried to find a quiet place to sit down so that I could do my class and my family could eat lunch. We found a state park right in time for me to join my class, which was kind of awkward t because it was an online acting class, and because there was a lot of movement and I was wearing AirPods, I must have looked ridiculous to my family and the people surrounding us.

The park was beautiful, though. I sat in a low tree for some portions of my class and at a picnic table in the sun for other portions. I think my classmates got a kick out of the fact that I started class out in our car. Iconic.

After class at 4:20PM, my mom showed me the beach that she found right next to the little parking lot where we were. There was almost nobody there, and everything was so peaceful. I wanted to stay there for longer, but I knew that we had to get going to our next town in order for me to make it to my next class at 5:30PM.

We didn't make it. I ended up doing class while the car was moving and eventually we stopped in a Safeway parking lot so my dad could also take a call. My Japanese class was really hard to follow from the car, and admittedly I didn't learn much that day.

After that class at 7:30PM, we drove around a few capes and enjoyed the ocean view. It was getting late, and by the time we got to Newport, OR, it was almost 10:00PM.

I really don't want to do classes on a road trip again, but I guess I will have to on Monday!

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