7/10/20 - Arriving in SF

Our journey from Crescent City, CA to San Francisco, CA would be 6 hours long, a drive that I knew I wouldn't mind because I just wanted to get there as soon as possible. Being on the road for so many days was starting to get to my patience because I wanted to feel the sense of home again.

Our only major stop between the two locations was Eureka, CA where we saw the most amazing Victorian houses. Victorian architecture is something that I've always appreciated, especially since I was so aware of it in San Francisco from an early age, because of the special detailing and curvature that goes into designing these homes. I also really appreciate the risk they take with stained glass windows and bright paint colors for the exterior. I didn't expect to find Victorian homes in a town like Eureka which is considerably north, but it clearly shows where the money has flowed throughout California.

We blew through the remaining four-hour drive to San Francisco where we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge viewpoint. It was so windy and I was dressed terribly in my sweatpants and puffy jacket, but the view was impeccable. Being so up close to the bridge reminded me of how much I love the Bay Area and how fortunate I am to be able to migrate between my two homes so easily. There's just something about the scent of the air in the Bay that makes me feel so comfortable.

We got take-out from Boiling Point, a hot pot restaurant, near my parent's old home in San Mateo. Not only is the Bay Area my home, but it was also theirs.

Tomorrow, I will finally get to close out my freshman year definitively.

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