This blog was developed on a whim in the Alaska lounge of the San Francisco International Airport, scarce on WiFi and devoid of any inspiration. My family and I were en route to Japan for a three week family vacation, and when you're eighteen and a dreamer, you want to make art out of your life. Anything that will have an impact on others.

I wanted to document my experience in Japan for others to see. I used to keep a little glittery, blue notebook that I bought at Walgreens for a few dollars. It was the kind of tacky notebook that had those solid lines that lay somewhere between college and wide-ruled, but you can't really tell which one it is. I knew I couldn't share that notebook with as many people as I wanted, and once the cover fell off, I knew that it was a lost cause.


With the development of media technologies and the freedom to publish (almost) anything on the internet for little to no cost, I turned to the power of the blog. I kept a Blogspot website a long time ago when I was twelve and thought I would become some kind of knitting and crocheting influencer. Turns out that was a futile effort as well.


Starting this blog may have been the healthiest thing I have ever done for myself because it made me realize how many thoughts I want to share with the world. It's difficult to shape abstraction, but writing has slowly trained me to rein in my wild mind and transform its craziness into legible characters on a screen.

As you explore this website, you'll realize it's actually a long journey of self-discovery. There's many aspects of life I'm yet to experience and legitimize in my own reality. I hope to bring to you my travel stories, my personal philosophies, and my artistic creations and inspirations.


I am currently pursuing a double major at Stanford University in Theater & Performance Studies (TAPS) and Communication with a minor in Asian American Studies. I believe that the merger between the two fields is essential to creating positive change in the entertainment industry. I aspire to harness the power of media to shape the direction of representation within theatre and film and bring awareness to the social fault lines that exist within said media.


Thank you for visiting my online journal and for accompanying me as I solidify my personal set of values and beliefs. Take every space as a moment for dialogue between you and I. I encourage you to find the nuances of life within these posts in order to develop your own opinions, but I also challenge you to find the art and the fun throughout it all.

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